Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter swan with cygnets
Greg Corace/USFWS

In 1991 ten two year old swans were released into the pools of the Refuge. These swans were from Alaska and brought here because of the ideal habitat that was provided here with the lead-free environment as well as no power lines. As of this year, 2018 we now have about two hundred trumpeter swans thriving on the pools. As far as breeding goes, the swans like to build their nests on islands that are surrounded by water to add protection from different predators. The female will begin laying her eggs in early May and continue to lay an egg each day until a clutch of two to nine is completed. The female will leave her nest once or twice a day to forage and the male will stand guard over the eggs but never incubate them himself. Trumpeter swans are quite fascinating birds with a wing span of up to 8 feet!