Two ripe raspberries hanging from bush
Sara Giles/USFWS

Along this part of the trail, you may be lucky enough to stumble across lots of raspberries. Take some time to enjoy a couple while avoiding the thorns. Always use caution when consuming wild plants! Make sure you have properly identified the plant, then taste a small amount to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction before consuming more. Raspberries actually consist of a cluster of about 100 tiny fruits called drupelets each containing an individual seed. Many wild animals consume the berries, which are deposited away from the parent plant when the animal defecates. Watch for bear or raccoon scat as you hike along trails or drive the roads. They often resemble berry pies. The bears don't know that they are hard at work helping the plants expand their territories.

As you cross the next bridge on the way to the Wigwams, be sure to observe the large beaver dam to the left hand side; now overgrown with various plants.