Eagle Nest

Eagle nest sign
Sara Giles/USFWS

Look to your right, see that huge nest? Yes, that is a bald eagles nest, their nests tend to be bigger than an osprey nest and it is typically 1/3 of the way down the tree whereas osprey build theirs at the tops of trees. It is believed that they like the feeling of privacy and that is why they will build their nest a little lower down the tree. Both the male and female will help build the nest. They will collect sticks of varying sizes, as well as grass, where they will build their nest whose rim will be eight to twelve feet high! As they add grass and twigs the eagles will wiggle their way into the center of the nest in order to create a bowl where she can lay her eggs. Sometimes the female will sit in the bowl of the nest while the male will go out and collect material because he is trying to impress the female while she is coming into breeding condition.