Beaver Lodge

Beaver lodge
Alyssa Lu/USFWS

You may observe two different forms of beaver lodge here on the refuge: freestanding lodges and bank lodges. Freestanding lodges are made in open water composed of large piles of sticks and mud built up from the pool bottom. Bank lodges are constructed into the banks of a body of water. Beavers are master engineers, and within these precisely constructed homes are often multiple tunnels leading into the water under the surface. Inside the lodge there will be two chambers, one near the tunnels that is used for eating, and another chamber where parents will nest with their kits, or baby beavers. As many as 8 to 12 beaver can be found in a single lodge; the parents, juvenile beavers from last years litter, and the newborn kits. Beaver will store a cache of branches for food under the surface near their home to make it through the winter months.